Platform Overview

Designed for customs brokers and freight forwarders managing large volumes of declaration, HAKOVO uNIFIED CUSTOMS CLEARING HOUSE (uCCH) Platform enables an ASEAN and Regional Centralized Trade Compliance and Operations for Customs. We are building new digital Customs channel to provide accurate and digitalized data to Customs for improved risk assessment and efficient clearance and reduce import dwell time as well.


“The solution simplifies customs declaration by reducing process time, and improves compliance by removing errors, thus avoiding delays, and saving time and money for their organization and trade partners.”


    Digitalized Declaration


HAKOVO transforms data through AI technology based on approved export permit trade data, or existing commercial invoice and packing list of what you’ve on hand. There are multiple data sources you can choose. Also you can fill up your trade data on uCCH platform, then upload. We will then enable you to enjoy accurate, compliant, and faster declarations process into ASEAN. Let our AI handles the declaration transformation.


“Less human error due to digitalisation, accuracy improved, and compliance improvement”


    Reporting & Analytics 

HAKOVO delivers 100% data accuracy at the declaration level, and converts and enriches the acquired data to a format required by the local customs authority. Thus, maximize performance with reporting and analytics are important for the international trade. You can make data accessible and understandable so that your teams and partners can have the visibility they need over their operations.



   SMART Track and Trace

Leveraging AIS (Automatic Identification System) Satellite Data, HAKOVO can provide full visibility and traceability with more milestones of cross-boarder supply chain, results in visualized care, including import customs clearance tracking events.

All import-related documents will be digitized using AI technology to streamline customs clearance work, help accelerate the HAKOVO SMART CLEAR solutions and expand deeper into digital world.


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