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Solution Overview

Designed for cargo owners, customs brokers and freight forwarders managing large volumes of declaration, HAKOVO uNIFIED Customs Clearing House (uCCH) facilitates ASEAN and regional centralised trade compliance and customs operations. Currently, we are developing a new digital customs channel which will provide accurate, digitalised data to customs for improved risk assessment, more efficient clearance and reduced import dwell time.

ucch platform
ucch platform
“Smartclear simplifies customs declarations by reducing processing time while improving compliance, minimising errors, avoiding delays and saving costs for our clients and their trade partners.”


01Digitalised Declarations

HAKOVO transforms data based on approved export permit trade data, existing commercial invoices and packing lists, giving you the option of multiple data sources. You can also conveniently upload your trade data via the uCCH platform. We will then facilitate accurate, compliant and faster customs declarations within ASEAN.

ucch platform

AI Trade

Information is automatically pulled from
the country of origin, transformed and sent
to the importer.


02Reporting & Analytics

HAKOVO delivers 100% data accuracy for customs declarations, and converts and enriches the acquired data into formats required by local customs authorities. Maximising performance through reporting and analytics is important for international trade. Our user dashboard displays graphical reports of all activities, making the data accessible and easily understood by your team and partners so that they can monitor their operations.

ucch platform

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