A single-platform unified customs clearing house for greater ASEAN regional centralised trade compliance and enhanced customs processing

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Company mission

We strive to simplify customs declarations and compliance through digital transformation and AI technology.


We aspire to create a uNIFIED Customs Clearing House (uCCH) platform for trade compliance and documentation, while improving the visibility and traceability of cross-border supply chains.

By automating processes in customs clearance and data classification, we seek to improve productivity, reduce error and costs, avoid delays and increase revenue.

Specifically, our solutions:

  • Improve document efficiency by reducing time taken and costs at customs offices;
  • Minimise hassle, delays and rework of documentation;
  • Increase declaration accuracy and trade compliance;
  • Enhance cargo visibility;
  • Optimise duty and tax; and
  • Boost end-to-end cross-border supply chains.


Optimising current assets through AI technology

Developing new sales channels

Enhancing operational excellence


The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was established in 2015. The AEC is a major regional economic integration agenda in ASEAN, offering opportunities in a huge market of US$2.6 trillion and over 622 million people. AEC Blueprint 2025 was adopted the same year. The Blueprint guides the strategic initiatives for the AEC from 2016 to 2025.

However, an EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey published in September 2022 showed that businesses still faced critical issues importing goods into ASEAN:

Many barriers on cross border management include customs clearance, regulations, traditional document management and processes. In the same survey, 78% expect ASEAN trade and investment to increase over the next five years, but lack of harmonisation of standards ranked as the #2 challenge of trade and investment in ASEAN. Complex customs procedures for intra-ASEAN movement of goods ranked as the #4 challenge.

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