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HS Recommendation

Solution Overview


Overcoming Border Bottlenecks

HAKOVO’s Smartariff an automated AI solution that resolves bottlenecks at customs clearance by facilitating international trade compliance. It:

  • identifies dutiable shipments;
  • checks additional product details to identify the correct HS code; and
  • updates its database with new products that are imported frequently. (This is especially important for eCommerce products as new products enter the market every month.)

International Trade Compliance

Faster import clearance, accurate HS code mapping, savings in duty, predictable costs and reduced regulatory oversight are all critical to deliver efficiencies and compliance in international trade.

Enhancing Trade Regulatory and Compliance with Artificial Intelligence

ucch platform
“Building an AI/ML decision engine for HS code classification, trade regulations and transportation restrictions.”


01AI Predictions

Tariff Clarification

Powered by machine learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), our Smartariff’s search engine automates the process of identifying HS codes based on product descriptions.

02AI Predictions

AI Predictions

Data is pulled from a supervised data source and analysed by our AI before being stored. HAKOVO’s Smartariff provides predictions and recommendations through a model that learns from the textual descriptions of products.

03AI Predictions

Multi-Country Coverage

The system offers HS code recommendations for diverse countries and is able to accommodate specific regional requirements.

04AI Predictions

Bulk HS Code Recommendations

Bulk upload (CSV file) capabilities help speed up your classification process.

05AI Predictions

Open for API Integration

Our solution's integration capability is supported by an open Application Programming Interface (API). By leveraging this API, businesses and software developers can embed the AI’s HS-code recommendation functionalities directly into their existing systems, workflows or platforms. This ensures that users can access real-time HS-code recommendations without needing to switch between multiple applications, thus streamlining the process of trade classification and enhancing operational efficiency.


Expedite and simplify your process with automated product classification.

AI Training

3 steps to implementing AI-ML
Data Training

Machine learning models allow processes to be adapted quickly without human intervention.

  • Step 1: Identify trends and patterns
  • Step 2: Automate processes
  • Step 3: Handle multidimensional and high variance data

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