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HAKOVO means “Let’s carry”(運ぼう)in Japanese. HAKOVO not only carries cargo, but also your business prospects and aspirations. HAKOVO aims to redefine the shipping experience with the most cost-effective, connected and efficient platform, so you can ship your goods anytime, anywhere with confidence.


HAKOVO builds an ecosystem by connecting the parties within the supply chain to reduce friction and unlock the trade potential. We achieve it by developing disruptive technology together with partners including global carriers, freight forwarders, terminal operators and fintech solution providers

Global Expansion


In 2016, PSA unboXed selected HAKOVO for it's incubator program, which invests in start-ups that create innovative port technology and supply-chain solutions.

PSA unboXed is part of PSA International, a leading global port group with approximately 40 terminals in 16 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Through PSA unboXed, HAKOVO has access to PSA’s expertise and network to develop and test-bed the HAKOVO Ecosystem at PSA’s flagship operations in Singapore, with the opportunity to springboard to the global maritime logistics chain alongside PSA International’s network of terminals worldwide.

Our Team

Takayuki Akahodani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Takayuki Akahodani (Taka), a Japanese nationality, is the Founder & CEO of HAKOVO, which was incorporated on March 31, 2016 in Singapore. Taka has led HAKOVO since its inception and has been instrumental in developing its strategy and building solid relationship with the public and private sectors.

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Ray Leung

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Leung leads the Operations and Customer Service for HAKOVO. He is also involved in the development of key strategies and partner relationship for HAKOVO. Ray has 21 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics area for various industries.

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Sooraj Jayaraman

Chief Technology Officer

Sooraj Jayaraman brings to the HAKOVO team his extensive experience in technology and project management in Asia, with more than 10 years of industry experience in managing projects, global teams and staffs.

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