IHI and HAKOVO Announce Product Launch Improving Visibility And Traceability For Cross-border Supply Chain




Singapore, 9th January 2023IHI Jet Service Co., Ltd (IJS), a subsidiary of IHI CORPORATION [TSE7013] a leading global comprehensive heavy-industry manufacturer, and HAKOVO jointly issue a press release announcing the new product launch.

This is the first service in the world that combined IJS’s AI-based Satellite Data for real-time container ship navigation information with AI-based trade data in HAKOVO uNIFIED CUSTOMS CLEARING Platform. The new product enables high visibility, provides arrival prediction of container ships, and simplifies customs clearance procedures. We have started supply chain visualization and tracking information service, helping customers to achieve delay prevention and import-related cost reduction.

This product utilizes the satellite information analysis service that IJS has cultivated in various service provision businesses using satellite information to provide real-time, highly accurate location information of container ships. It provides visualization and tracking information for overseas supply chains, by linking arrival prediction data obtained through analyzing the navigation delay information of HAKOVO and HAKOVO AI-based electronic customs clearance platform. Carrying out import customs clearance operations without being affected by delays in shipping schedules of container ships makes it possible to smoothly transport goods to their destinations and mitigate risks of port congestion, which has become a global problem.

This service enables users (Owner of goods, Exporter, Customs brokers, Forwarders/Trucking companies, importers, etc.) to accurately grasp the schedule for container ships to enter the port, thereby enabling customs clearance. And make it possible to carry out the preparations for necessary procedures within the specified period, and to transport goods without delay.

In particular, for the transportation of production materials, machine parts, construction materials, etc., and industries that require highly accurate procurement logistics and delivery management at factories and sites, it can optimize the schedule for shipping arrangement and deliver freight vehicles on land as planned. Moreover, possible to reduce unnecessary costs.

We’ve conducted POC – Proof of Concept (Awarded JETRO Asia Digital Transformation (ADX) Promotion Project) for this service in the Philippines since August 2021, confirming the preparation and creation of documents required for customs clearance, procedures, and applications can be performed without delay. This POC project was applied to import of construction materials for the Japanese ODA Davao Bypass construction project in the Philippines. In the future, in addition to the Philippines, we will expand the services to Southeast Asian countries.

HAKOVO AI and ML (Machine Learning) technology capabilities and new analytic algorithms further improve our industry-leading position and bring more insightful data to help our customers for better import customs experience and positive outcomes.

IJS and HAKOVO are now collaborating to bring together the strengths of both companies to innovate and transform the future supply chain. This collaboration provides an exciting opportunity to leverage IJS’s leading AIS data, and HAKOVO’s expertise in digital customs clearance products in customs platforms.

Get more information on the Product at

Japanese: https://www.ihi.co.jp/ihi/all_news/2022/aeroengine_space_defense/1198134_3479.html

English:    https://www.ihi.co.jp/en/all_news/2022/aeroengine_space_defense/1198156_3494.html

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About IHI Jet Service

On October 2, 1978, our company was founded as a service company under the name of Ishikawajima Jet Service Co., Ltd. to maintain gas turbines for power generation and gas turbines for marine vessels that have been diverted from airline jet engines.

Since its establishment, the company has gradually expanded its business to include technical support for aero engines and space equipment, aero engine manufacturing, and manufacturing-related operations, logistics support, standard materials and parts sales, and temporary staffing, and has grown along with the development of IHI’s aerospace and gas turbine businesses as a member of the IHI Group.

In 2008, the company was renamed IHI Jet Service (IJS), and in recent years, with the aim of achieving further growth, it has taken on the challenges of calibration and inspection services for measuring instruments, design, and manufacture of aircraft washrack systems, manufacture of gas turbine power generation equipment and gas turbine mobile power supply vehicles, and various information services using vessel information acquired by satellites.

As the name “Jet Service” implies, we provide speedy service and high-quality products and have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


The HAKOVO international digital platform – the uNIFIED CUSTOMS CLEARING HOUSE (uCCH) – enables ASEAN+ Regional Centralized Trade Compliance and Operations for Customs. We digitally connect the world with ASEAN the 12 members Association of Southeast Asian countries. This is made possible through our close collaboration with the ASEAN Single Window and National Single Windows of key ASEAN member states.

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