HAKOVO Closes S$821,000
Angel Round Of Funding

The funds will be used for sales and marketing, expand IT engineering team, and integrate more technology onto platform.

(From LEFT, Kam Poh Yuen, Assistant Vice President – Group Technology of PSA International, Oh Bee Lock, Head of Group Technology, PSA International, Takayuki Akahodani, Founder & CEO of HAKOVO, Nicola Lanteri Centre, Yorihiko Kato, ELTON FONG, Team Lead of PSA unboXed)

Singapore, December. 29th 2017 (HAKOVO Press release) – HAKOVO, the digital platform simplifying cross-border shipping, announced today an angel investment of S$821,000 led by technology growth equity angel investor Mr. Yorihiko Kato and Mr. Nicola Lanteri from International Banking Industry. The financing will be used to fund HAKOVO’s continuous ASEAN expansion, further enhancement of sales & marketing and investment in its proprietary technology platform.

“It is my great honour to be a part of Akahodani san’s journey of exploration and challenge from the beginning. Commercialization of his splendid idea of business will become reality only when the infrastructure of the world comes into line. I bet on the possibilities of HAKOVO because they have the ability to make it happen, and HAKOVO was able to join forces with PSA the earliest to get started. I am thrilled to join this exciting journey.” said Yorihiko Kato. Yorihiko Kato and Takayuki Akahodani, CEO of HAKOVO have built relationships since June 2015 at early days of conceptual stage.


Mr. Nicola Lanteri said he is very excited about this project and how the HAKOVO platform and business model can change the shipping and logistics ecosystem. The industry must innovate to remain competitive and initiatives that bring new technologies and new way of doing business are paramount to succeed in the new digital era.

“I appreciate Akahodani san’s vision of developing an integrative platform to bring together key moving services such as shipping and logistical functions to help humans move things around in a more efficient and cost-effective manner in ASEAN and beyond by harnessing technology. It will be an interesting journey to see how this venture could help humans in different places re-organise and streamline processes in the moving of things with new ideas and technology.” said Lee Ping Hang.

For more information about HAKOVO, please visit us at www.hakovo.com.

About Yorihiko Kato

Mr. Kato is a representative angel investor of Japan and Singapore. He was founder & CEO of NIKKO in 1992, and achieved to sell the company in 2008. With his entrepreneurship, extensive professional network, he has invested over 30 companies as Board of Director or Corporate Management in the past 10 years. Among these 30 start-ups, 10 have successfully launched IPO. His expertise spans industries of Block Chain, Micro Finance, Ad technology, Finance, Internet, Mobile, Consumer, retails, and SaaS based start-ups.

About Nicola Lanteri

Mr. Nicola Lanteri is a banking professional with long experience in the financial industry across Europe, Australia and Singapore. His career is focused on consulting, trading system enhancements and implementation of technology projects. Nicola has obtained an MBA from Melbourne Business School and he is passionate about start-ups and disruptive new technologies. His expertise covers economics, finance as well as process efficiency and innovation.

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